Welcome to the Broadcast and Cable Television Gallery. You will find everything from a TV pilot to groundbreaking documentary work, all in the name of animals. Television is an important medium for entertainment, transmitting information, and making an artistic impression. Enjoy!



dogtv_logoDOGTV provides television for dogs as a 24/7 digital TV channel with dog-friendly programming scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone. Through years of research with some of the world’s top pet experts, special content was created to meet specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing and supports their natural behavior patterns.

Experience some of DOGTV’s programming, below.





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Off Leash

Off Leash posterIn the “Off Leash” TV pilot, Jeff is a writer from Wisconsin who came to Hollywood (with his dog) to realize his dreams. He wants to be a writer for television, but it’s been five years, and the only job Jeff can get is writing “mommy blogs.” Jeff will not give up. To play with his dog and get inspiration, Jeff goes to his favorite place every day, the off-leash dog park. “There is so much drama here!” he says. The crazy characters in the dog park play out fantasy scenes in Jeff’s head of what he believes to be the next hit show. Will there ever be true harmony in the animal kingdom and with humans alike? Find out when dogs and their owners go…”Off Leash!”

Watch the sitcom pilot “Off Leash” here:

Disclaimer: Some language and themes may not be suitable for all viewers.
Off Leash (part 1)

Off Leash (part 2)

Off Leash (part 3)

© 2015 Yukilyn McElvain.


Foster Corder and “Conversations With a Pit Bull” 


Foster Corder is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker, producer, and entertainment executive who brings us his newest work through his YouTube Channel. He served in Vietnam, then graduated from the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He became the first African-American pet photographer. His latest project, a film called “Conversations With a Pit Bull,” tells the story of shelter Pit Bulls. Pit Bulletin Legal Network Radio states that “[h]is hope is to raise enough money to produce the film, which will educate the public in animal welfare and overbreeding, as well as underscore the fact that ‘dog’ problems are really people problems.”

Click here to experience Corder’s YouTube channel.

©2015 Foster Corder.



PetCeptionLogoPetCeption’s goal is to create a “petworld” through pets’ eyes and ears using technology and provide a “PetCeption” of the world inspired by its users to be enjoyed by pet lovers and people new to the world of pets at large. PetCeption is currently in the process of developing a pet camera prototype and currently uses a point-of-view camera that allows for connectivity to your pet through their eyes and ears.

See some of their videos, here:

Dog Camera POV (Hearding Sheep)

Cat Camera POV (Having Fun in the Trees):

Dog Camera POV (Hiking in the Hills)

©2015 PetCeption.

Pet World Insider

photoPet World Insider is a program filled with inside information about the pet world, which is incredibly large and diverse, filled with many hidden treasures. Pet World Insider wants to shine a bright light on all the things that pet lovers need and want to know about. The host of Pet World Insider is Robert Semrow, the world renowned pet photographer.

Click here to view Pet World Insider TV.

©2015 Robert Semrow.


Talent Hounds


Love dogs? You are not alone! Talent Hounds is a TV series and an online community about and for talented dogs and the talented people who love them. It all began with a one-hour documentary airing on The Pet Network in Canada exploring the changing role of dogs in our lives–from wolves to working dogs to best friends to family. Talent Hounds is a thriving community and showcase for TV episodes that celebrate talented dogs and illustrate how they enrich our lives.


View a Talent Hounds documentary about the bond between an autistic boy and his dog, here:

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