After spending about a week in Changsha, on March 25th we flew to the southern city of Guangzhou. (Used to be called Canton.) That’s where the U.S. embassy that processes adoptions is located. Like all other U.S. families, we stayed at the 5-Star (yes, really) White Swan Hotel.


Here’s Leah reading the menu at a restaurant…









… ok, well maybe she’s looking at the pictures.

Either way, we all enjoyed some outdoor dining…









… overlooking the famed Pearl River that runs through the city.

The view was pretty cool…









… with neon-lined riverboats lighting up the banks

Of course, Leah enjoyed dining in our room…









just as much

Maddie sleeping again while the parents all filled out









the final paperwork before the swear-in on Tuesday

Of course,

no adoption stay at the White Swan would be complete….









… without the traditional photo on the red couch!

Then we all enjoyed a final banquet together Tuesday night…









… after the swear-in (which didn’t allow pictures)

Time to head back home








as three U.S. citizens and residents of Illinois!



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