About the Photographer:

Don Feare, has been, among many talents, an avid wildlife photographer for several decades.  His travels have taken him around the U.S. as well as the rest of the globe.  Using a variety of telephoto and other lenses, he searches for – and documents – the quiet, day-to-day moments of wildlife great and small.

Don makes a point of saying that he doesn’t photograph captive animals. As he explained to us, “[t]here is a reason I make that statement.  I just received a call from a young lady who had seen some of my photos and wanted to know what zoo she could go to in order to photograph those animals.  She was somewhat disappointed when I told her they were all animals in the wild, not captive animals.”

Our first exhibition of Don’s work featured his bird collection.  In this second installment, Don takes us on a safari through Africa.


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