First Place:

Amanda and Kate & JulietRescue or shelter:      Brooklyn Animal Care & Control

Age at adoption:         20

Year adopted:             2010


Hello!  Here is my senior adoption story!

These sweethearts are Kate and Juliet.  I adopted them from a shelter when they were 20 years old.  You read that right – 20 years old!  They were abandoned by their owner’s family after their owner died.  I learned about their plight on Facebook and didn’t think they deserved to die alone in a cold shelter where they were totally separated from each other!  Both were very depressed there – they were so happy to be reunited when I got them home.  They curled up in the tightest little ball and slept together for HOURS.  I loved them from the start and it didn’t matter that they were old, I was going to love them for whatever time they had left.  Sadly, Kate truly didn’t have much time – she passed away just four months later.  Juliet flourished and became my constant companion, my Velcro kitty, before she passed away suddenly – a year to the day after her sister.  Adopting these adorable, mellow senior sisters made me realize that regardless of age – every animal deserves love, kindness, and dignity.  Kate and Juliet, my beautiful grannies, will live on in all that I do to advocate for senior pets!

Amanda C.

(Editor’s note: Kate and Juliet not only inspired Amanda to adopt them, they inspired her to start her own senior cat rescue! Click to read about The Grannie Project.)

Here are a few favorite pics:
















juliet with her best buddy eldie


Kate didn’t visit the other pets much but she did take an interest in Hope – our puppy mill survivor.  Hope is very quiet and Kate was always so curious about her.

kate with puppy mill survivor hope







  After Kate passed, Juliet bonded to my dog Eldie – he followed her around and she slept with him all the time (when she wasn’t sleeping on me).


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