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If you’ve been browsing the planned exhibits on our website, enjoying the fun in our Facebook community, or even just following our tweets this past year, then you have some idea of our vision. Want to learn more?

If you love animals (as we do), and if you believe (as we do) that it’s time to create a place which reflects the important role that animals have always played in our lives, our cultures and our societies, then join us!

Sip champagne and nibble on appetizers as you hear about our plans, meet some of our development team, view a sample pop-up exhibit, enjoy the original art and indoor/outdoor gallery space at Hovik’s Fine Arts… and bid on your own piece of history – including a custom “pet portrait” by the inimitable Rebecca Fischer – as we hold our first art auction to benefit the museum!

When:   Friday, May 17, 2013 / 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Where:   Hovik’s Fine Arts / 5422 Cahuenga Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601

Tickets:   $25 in advance / $30 at the door (Cash, Visa or MC only at the door; no checks.)

Due to the intimate gallery setting, tickets are limited. To reserve yours, or to make a donation in any amount, please visit:

Eventbrite - The Animal History Museum Inaugural Friendraiser!

Both tickets and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Questions?  Email us at

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Carrot cake from Veggie Grill? Love it! Thank you very much to our latest partner – we’re thrilled that you’re joining us!



Participating artists include:

Hovik Kochinian

Hovik portraitBorn in Armenia, Hovik exhibited a great interest in fine arts at an early age, starting art school at age 7.   He began exhibiting during his student years, in solo shows as well as state and nationwide exhibitions.  During his early career, Hovik exhibited first across the former Soviet Union and Armenia, then Cuba, and soon began selling to private collections in the U.S., Austria, England and France as well.  In 1990, he was invited to participate in an art show in the U.S., and began exhibiting more in the U.S. as he took up residence here.  By 1995, he opened his own gallery and framing shop in North Hollywood.

Hovik - The ArcherHovik’s use of strong lines and rich colors creates powerful, evocative imagery.  He  has exhibited his art work throughout Southern California  and Las Vegas, as well as major shows such as New York’s Art Expo.   He is the recipient of a number of awards, including the “Star Sapphire Halo Award” by the Southern California Motion Picture Council.  Hovik has also received commissions to install large-scale sculptural work to adorn building exteriors, most recently during Fall 2012  at a professional building in Burbank, CA.  A firm believer in giving back to the community, Hovik has also organized many exhibitions for both upcoming and established artists, as well as many other community-based functions that support cultural and humanitarian events.

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to share Hovik’s beautiful indoor/outdoor gallery space for our first-ever art auction.  The work featured to the left, The Archer, is representative of Hovik’s engaging style.  Many of his works, as well as Armenian and other artists, will be on exhibit in his gallery during this event.

To view more of Hovik’s striking collections or contact him, please visit Hovik’s Fine Arts.



William Wegman

William Wegman bio picOne of the most influential figures in modern photography, William Wegman’s unique perspective and endearing images have elevated one of the most common pastimes of our culture – taking pictures of our dogs – to a fine art form.  Born in Massachusetts, he earned an B.F.A. in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art and an M.F.A. in painting from the University of Illinois.

William Wegman - 45 degrees - thumbnailA teaching position brought William to southern California in 1970. Within a few years, he was exhibiting in museums and galleries in New York and across Europe.  He also met Man Ray – the dog who inspired him and soon captivated viewers the world over.  The quietly soulful Weimaraner starred in many of William’s photographs and videotapes, until Man Ray’s death in 1981.  Five years later, William got a new dog, Fay Ray, and found inspiration all over again – this time with a Polaroid 20 x 24 camera. The subsequent birth of Fay’s puppies, then grand-puppies, provided William with a veritable cast of characters for his sublimely furry tableaux.

William’s wonderful photographs and videos have appeared everywhere from Sesame Street to the Smithsonian.  Please visit to learn more about this renowned artist and his critically acclaimed body of work.  The signed and numbered unframed print, 45 Degrees, to the right, is the work that will be at the auction.  We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to offer one of William Wegman’s prints at our very first art event!


Dana Feagin

Dana Feagin and Riley -300x274After departing a 20-year corporate career that left little free time, Dana decided to spend more time on the things that meant something to her – creating art and working with animals. She started volunteering at a local animal shelter (acquiring a few more dogs in the process) and got serious about oil painting.   She is completely focused on animal art – mainly shelter/rescue animals that inspire her and cDana Feagin - SweetCheeksommissioned pet portraits – and she donates 10% of sales to local animal charities/rescue groups.

In her free time, she continues to volunteer at a local animal shelter as a dog walker, and at Sanctuary One, a care farm in Jacksonville, OR.  Dana has won numerous awards for her artwork.  She is a member of HeARTs Speak, the Canine Art Guild, the Ashland Gallery Association, and the Ashland Art Center. She is also the proud mother to four former shelter dogs – a Pit Bull,  Smooth-Coated Border Collie, Shih Tzu and Brussels Griffon. She is seen here with her Pit Bull, Riley.

You can see more of Dana’s work at We’re delighted that Dana has offered to share this adorable framed print of “Sweet Cheeks” with us!

Asher Jay

AsherJay-Sea Speak SphereAsher Jay is a one-woman dynamo.  Part artist/designer and part activist, Asher is 100% boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm for the issues that touch her heart.  After receiving several degrees from Parsons the New School of Design, she began her career at various New York City fashion houses, developing her style, honing her skills, and soon striking out with her own couture label.

A staunch supporter of animal rights, wildlife conservation and sustainable development, she found herself using her fashion, art and writing to raise awareness. Over the years she has produced several graphic campaigns, written many narratives, and pieced together numerous collections and canvases to shine a light on the serious issues facing our fragile planet.

1. Asher-Jay-Made-of-Coral-ClustersThrough her extensive travels across the globe, and her studies in art history, Asher has developed an aesthetic sensibility that is an amalgam of contrasting cultural influences. All her work is anchored by the deep commitment she harbors toward the realization of a collective future.  In her own words, she “creates to comment, conserve and contribute.”  We’re extremely pleased that Asher accepted our invitation to contribute to our auction.

Asher is pictured above amid part of her installation for Sea Speak Sphere, an ocean conservation project. To the right is a mixed media piece entitled “Made of Coral Clusters.”  It is representative of Asher’s style, although not the precise piece that will be available at our Art Night.

To learn more about Asher’s work, please visit:, or the not-entirely tongue-in-cheek sharp wit at, where Asher envisions an entire nation devoted to various types of abandoned refuse “because no one else has cared enough to address their pariah plight.”    You can also get a glimpse of Asher’s thought-provoking style in our online gallery: Biotic Blueprints: Inspired and Inspiring Visions by Asher Jay.


Jeanne BrodskyJeanne Brodsky - cropped

Jeanne Brodsky is a Long Island-based artist whose work reflects her love of friends, family and the world around her.  Jeanne’s interest in art dates back to childhood, where an early talent led to the New York native’s admission into the prestigious Music & Art High School, and then graduated from college with a B.A. in fine art.  That was followed by an early career as a secondary school level art teacher in the New York City school system.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJeanne also continued creating her own portfolio.  Her natural curiosity led her to explore many mediums, including sculpture in wood, plexiglass, cement and ceramics, as well as painting in oils, watercolors and more.  Throughout the years, she has often gifted artwork to friends and family.  These works frequently involve whimsical portraits of the recipient, that feature either some unusual twist in technique or an unexpected background tailored to include details of the recipient’s personal interests or life in a way that makes the portrait even more personal and meaningful.

Jeanne also exhibits regionally in juried art shows and private exhibitions around Long Island.   Her collection of fine art and mixed media pieces range from traditional still life to landscapes, to her creative and intimate portraiture work – to this Tiger’s fantasy of life beyond a zoo.

We’re very appreciative that Jeanne offered to share this Tiger print at our auction.  If you’d like to see more of Jeanne’s art, click here.  If you’d like to inquire about Jeanne’s work, please email us at


Sharon Montrose and The Animal Print Shop

Melding hSharon Montrose and three puppieser passion for photography with her love of animals, Sharon Montrose’s definitive photographic style has made her one of the most sought-after commercial photographers specializing in animals for over a decade. In addition to eleven published photography books to her credit, Sharon shoots for some of the worwww.theanimalprintshop.comld’s foremost pet industry brands. Her animal series photographs are part of numerous public and private collections, including The Sir Elton John Photography Collection and have been awarded recognition by Communication Arts, Photo District News, The Art of Photography, Hey, Hot Shot!, and the International Photography Awards.

The animals photographed for this series are real live animals, raised (and most rescued) by loving, experienced, and dedicated animal keepers and handlers who care for them as their own and ensured their welfare while being photographed (in studio or outside at the facilities where they live, then photoshopped into the backdrop). Through this series, The Animal Print Shop helps support several organizations devoted to animal rescue, educational programs, and nurturing wildlife.  The Animal Print Shop is also a proud sponsor of the Pablove Shutterbugs program.

We love Sharon’s  commitment to charitable giving, and we’re honored that she accepted our invitation to participate in Art Night.  We’re even more delighted that the print available for bidding in our auction is this super-adorable baby zebra, part of Sharon’s newest collection.

More information about Sharon and her work can be found on her websites: or


Donald Fearebio - Feare

Don Feare, has been, among many talents, an avid wildlife photographer for several decades.  His travels have taken him around the U.S. as well as the rest of the globe.  Using a variety of telephoto and other lenses, he searches for – and documents – the quiet, day-to-day moments of wildlife great and small.

white pelicansDon makes a point of saying that he doesn’t photograph captive animals. As he explained to us, “[t]here is a reason I make that statement.  I just received a call from a young lady who had seen some of my photos and wanted to know what zoo she could go to in order to photograph those animals.  She was somewhat disappointed when I told her they were all animals in the wild, not captive animals.”

Don’s favorite subject matter: birds.  Using blink-of-an-eye shutter speeds, he’s documented from the first flap of the wing upon early morning takeoff to the watery splashdown in search of a fish dinner at dusk… from sparrows to bald eagles, commonplace U.S. mallards to exotic African flamingos.  His other photo collections include an African safari with remarkably intimate portraits of lions, elephants, giraffes and all their brethren on the savannahs, as well as a much-too-close-if-it-weren’t-a-photograph study of the bears of North America.

We’re delighted that Don has offered to share one of each of four different photo collections for our auction.  Bid on one or all!

To see more of Don’s beautiful photography, please visit his African safari collection on exhibit in our online gallery in The Wildlife Photography of Donald D. Feare.  To inquire about purchasing any of Don’s photographs or photo books, email us at


Rebecca Fischer

rebecca fischer at workbellaRebecca is a New York native currently living in Denver, Colorado.  What started as a hobby has blossomed into a successful pet portraiture business:  Her colorful, affordable art is influenced by her own whimsical look at life.  At the early age of 29, Rebecca survived cancer just after giving birth to her daughter.  As a result, her view of life and all things about it are shared through her bright colors and playful images.  Rebecca holds a degree from F.I.T. in New York City.


We’re absolutely tKenna - resizedhrilled that Rebecca has offered to create a custom pet portrait for one very lucky bidder in our very first art auction – what a delightful way to memorialize your favorite companion for generations to come!

Rebecca can capture the spirit of your furry family member in several different signature styles, such as Bella (right) or Kenna (left).  You pick the style that best suits your companion’s spirit and let Rebecca work her magic!

To view more of Rebecca’s wonderful portraits, please visit: .





Participating Partners:

Thank you to our food partners: Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Field Roast and Just Pure Foods! Thanks to Nutro and Greenies for supplying tasty door prizes for four-legged family members back at home, as well as Petco, for a fabulous gift basket!

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