Two days after we picked up Leah, we were fortunate to be able to visit the orphanage where she had been living. You might be thinking, “isn’t that a little traumatic for Leah?” We were worried about the same thing. And we were totally prepared for one of us to have to wait with her on the bus if she got upset while the other one went in to shoot some video.. but as it turned out, she enjoyed the visit as much as we did!












Here’s the bus stop where Mei Xiang was found


The middle crib is where she used to sleep









Laura Ye Wen Pilchen, another adopted daughter in

our group, used to sleep in the crib to the right









Leah’s caretakers get one last chance to play with her!


Here’s Jane, in front of the orphanage and

holding one of the older kid’s handicrafts











One of the dads in our group, Jeffrey, bought one…

and the next thing you know, we all did!



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