Q: When is the Grand Opening?

A: We do not have an exact date yet.  Please keep checking our website for updates!

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in Los Angeles County, but have not finalized an exhibit space yet.  Please keep checking our website for updates!

Q: Can I get involved with/contribute to the museum?

A: We’d love your help! Please click on the footer links at the bottom of any page on our website for more information on how you can get involved with, and/or be a founding member of, the Animal History Museum!

Q: Is this museum kid-friendly or will there be disturbing images on display?

A: Definitely kid-friendly!  While some of the exhibits do examine sensitive topics, the Museum strongly believes that the best way to encourage thoughtful discussion or reflection is to present material in a way that doesn’t tend to push people away before it can draw them in.  There will be no disturbing images on display.

Q: Since this is an animal museum, I can bring my pet, right?

A: Unfortunately, no. Just like any other public place, local law prohibits visitors from bringing companion animals.  Qualified service animals are always welcome, of course.

Q: Is this going to be like a natural history museum?

A: We’re different. For example, a natural history museum might have woolly mammoth bones on display.  While we love a good paleontology exhibit too, we’re all about looking at the relationship between humans and other (nonhuman) animals – from running in fear from mammoths all the way to the Hello Kitty craze!