About the Contributors:

This is the second installment of a collection of photos and essays that began as a Facebook contest to celebrate author and pit bull advocate, Ken Foster (pictured), joining our advisory council.  Delightfully, the contest took on a life of its own! Pit lovers around the country rallied around the opportunity to share their pictures and stories, both heart-wrenching and heart-warming, of the incredible resiliency and character and love these dogs bring to the families that are willing to see past the stereotypes and make these animals part of their homes.

We were hoping for one good picture/story to add to a special exhibit on pit bull rescue that we’re planning for the brick-and-mortar museum. We got more than 100! (Not to mention somewhere around a thousand comments, with Facebookers cooing at the adorable photos, giving condolences on the losses and generally weighing in with their own life experiences.) What began as a Facebook contest turned into a rare and special glimpse into this extraordinary and passionate community. Come with us and see for yourself…


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