Scheduled Celebrity Appearances:

Members of our Celebrity Runway Committee

Spencer Garrett (Satisfaction)

Eric Nelsen (All My Children)

Sainty Nelsen (FX, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll)

Monica & Miles (@iheartmiles)

Anne Maria & Sophia (@cutesophialoren)

Imani Hakim (Everybody Hates Chris)

Joey Ahern & Steel (@joeyahern,

Meghan McCarthy (

Plastic Martyr (

Megan Blake (Host, PBS Animal Attractions TV)

Ieva Georges (This is I.T. (Immersion Therapy), No Way Out)

Yelpy (singer/songwriter)

Stephen Kramer Glickman (Exec. Prod., Comedy Central/Big Time Rush/Workaholics)

Deanna Cali (Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers)

Tara-Nicole Azarian (The Dating Chronicles)

Kiana Lyz Rivera (Immigrant/The Under Shepherd)

Nicholas Azarian (OperHator)

Caitlin Carmichael (Bag of Bones/Chosen/2015 American Girl Movie)



Keep checking back for updates!