Honorable Mention:

Cleo on top of Alicia

Rescue or shelter:      Michigan Humane Society

Age at adoption:         13

Year adopted:             2013


I met my little lady, Cleo, at MHS in March. She was surrendered at 13 years old by a family who didn’t want her anymore. I wasn’t looking to adopt another pet, but little did I know she had already picked me to take her home; she consolidated my family of two other cats and a guinea pig. I call her my spunky monkey because she can easily keep up with my two younger cats, although she lets them know that she’s the queen! Cleo’s favorite pastimes include: scratching on one of her scratching posts, lounging in one of her cat trees, playing with her stuffed pheasant, sleeping in the center of my bed, and sitting in front of the TV while I’m watching a movie. Cleo has osteoarthritis and early stage kidney disease, but she is kept comfortable with medication, special food, and a good home. I am determined to make the rest of our time together the best she’s ever had. I look forward to waking up with her snuggling me every morning and hearing her persistent meow when she wants a treat. She’s the best kitty ever, and I love her like the day is long!


Alicia F.



Here are a few favorite pics of Cleo:Cleo on bed


sideways CleoCleo lets one of the two-legged family members share the bed








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