About Ariane Delafosse:

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(c) 2013 DelaFoto

Originally from the east coast, artist and designer Ariane Delafosse joined the Colorado art community to fulfill a lifelong passion for the outdoors and photography. Along with her beloved sheltie “Casey Jones” she has been thoroughly enjoying Denver and many natural outings.

Friends and their pets have been favorite photo subjects for Ariane, inspiring her to create her own pet photography studio, DelaFoto.  Ariane is also often found donating her time and photography to local businesses and charities benefitting pet rescues, shelters and pet causes.

We found Ariane through an innovative artist community called HeARTS Speak.  From their website:

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“HeARTs Speak is a global network of animal photographers, artists, authors, graphic designers, and advocates who believe in the power of collaboration. We are a partner-based organization committed to making a positive and lasting impact with our members, other organizations and the greater community. We provide our partners access to images, stories, and services that help them further their cause. Together and united in our efforts, we are ambassadors of change.

There is power in numbers. By working together, we can reduce the number of adoptable animals unnecessarily euthanized each year – united in our effort as artists helping animals. We come together to save the lives of millions of animals in need and to educate the wider community.”


(c) 2013 DelaFoto

(c) 2013 DelaFoto

Noah’s Story:


Rescue or shelter:      Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue

Age at adoption:         12

Year adopted:             2013


This past winter I met a young woman while walking my dog at the park.  She was walking some senior dogs with “Adopt Me” vests on them.  We chatted and I learned she ran a local rescue in Denver that was specialized in senior dogs, “Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue”.  I offered my free photography services as a member of “HeArts Speak”.  She was so excited and came to our studio with several dogs that she was having trouble getting adopted.  

One of the dogs was “Hiro” a 12 year old chow mix.  What a beauty!  I took several photos of him, some with him wearing a client’s designer dog coat.  He is now on their product website as one of their models.

The photos were a big hit and he was adopted in April, now going by the name “Noah”.

Ariane Delafosse


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