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From Sophiane Nacer:

Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue was founded in late June 2012 with the goal of helping find senior dogs in need foster, forever, or sanctuary homes. Dogs must be eight years old or older to qualify for our program (the exception being giant breed dogs, which we accept starting at the age of seven). No dog is too old for us. So far, we have saved 23 senior dogs, ages ranging from 8 years old to 20 years old, and have adopted out 19 of those dogs (three of the others have entered our sanctuary dog program, and one is currently available for adoption). Luckily, our adoptable dogs get adopted quickly, and find wonderful homes. For the unadoptable dogs that come in, we have the sanctuary dog program. This program is geared towards placing senior dogs with terminal illnesses in foster homes, who will keep the dogs until they pass. Currently, we have Bella and Burgundy as our only terminal dogs, as we recently lost one of our dogs, Duke, to lung cancer. Sadly, all of three of our sanctuary dogs, to date, have had some type of cancer. We have had lung cancer, spleen cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, liver cancer, and hemangiopericytoma. But on a positive note, all of our sanctuary dogs have outlived the life expectancy given by the vet. Bella, for instance, has outlived her expectancy by nine months. We find that the dogs improve drastically after being removed from the stress of a shelter environment, and are placed in loving homes.

We will continue to save more senior dogs down the road, both adoptable and unadoptable, and are hoping to start new programs, that will be geared towards helping senior dogs stay out of shelters, and towards dog-assisted therapy in nursing homes.

Sophiane and Burgundy


Burgundy, sanctuary dog

This is one of our sanctuary dogs, Burgundy, with me.







Here’s a photo that Ariane took of Burgundy.





One year anniversary poster


Here’s the picture we put up for our 1-year anniversary.  Since then, we rescued Annie and Ernie, and Elli, who was going to be a sanctuary dog, but who I adopted instead.


Norman the TerrierKEnya the Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon
Norman is a 21 year old terrier who we rescued off of death row. He is now happily adopted, and enjoys watching chickens.
Kenya is a 12 year old Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon who is enjoying being spoiled after spending 6 months in the shelter.



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