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no image avail - borderKimberly and Baby


Rescue or shelter:      Hubbard’s Hounds Dog Rescue

Age at adoption:         Not listed

Year adopted:             2009


This is my Baby. She came to me in the Fall of 2009 from a commercial breeder.  She had an inoperable collapsing trachea, bilateral luxating patellas, and was allergic to every kind of anesthesia known to veterinary science.  Despite all of these ailments, she was a spunky little 5 lb. ball of attitude.  We knew that it was inappropriate to adopt her out, given her poor health. The only way we could guarantee that she would get the best of everything, was to simply adopt her.  She lived nearly 4 more years with excellent vet care, proper nutrition and medication.  Baby passed away on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013.  As we were leaving the vet’s office, a huge and brilliant rainbow appeared in the sky.  We think Baby sent it to us from the Bridge to let us know that she was perfect again.


Kim H.

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12. Brooke and Maddie (use video instead)Brooke and Maddie


Rescue of shelter:      Tullahoma Animal Shelter

Age at adoption:         12

Year adopted:             2012


My name is Brooke… [edited for length] I am starting my own nonprofit… helping… people all over the country with [animal] adoption. One day i was looking through the shelters in Tennessee, and i was looking at the Tullahoma Animal Shelter I came across a dog who is 12 years old black lab mix. Something clicked. Maddie had owners before, and she got out of the yard one day, when the animal shelter found her, the owners told them just to put her down because of her age. They then put her in foster care.

I live with my gram right now and i asked her, and she said yes. So a month later i drove 1,200 miles from NH to TN, and i adopted Maddie, my 12 year old black lab mix who i am just so in love with, she completes me and has filled that empty place in my heart. I love coming home everyday when she runs to me, even though she can’t really make it up the stairs any more, i see past her age, i see her as my pet, as a part of my family. The trip was well worth it, i am so glad I chose her out of every dog in this country. Maddie enjoys car rides, laying on the back deck in the sun, kids, laying in the middle of my bed so i can’t stretch out, sitting on my lap, and enjoying the rest of her years with a family who loves her unconditionally.  The local paper in Tullahoma was there and did a story, that is the link below. 

Thank you for this opportunity,

Brooke G.


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AvaElizabeth and Ava


Rescue or shelter:      Murray County Animal Shelter

Age at adoption:         10

Year adopted:             2013


This is Ava and she has her own  FB page….her video tells it all! This was such a neglected old girl and she was scheduled to be put to sleep…i rescued her and she is now doing well!

Thank you for your consideration of our video of Ava! 

Liz M.


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