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Lori, Gabby (sitting) and Sunny (laying)
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Growing up, Lori’s family always included all sorts of animals – horses, hamsters, dogs and cats.  They were always members of the family and Lori credits her dad and grandfather in particular for her love of animals.

Fast forward, and when Lori became a professional photographer it was only natural that she was drawn to capture the images of her favorite subject matter.  Lori owns and runs Fusaro Photography, in Culver City, near downtown Los Angeles.  Good thing too, as the home she shares with husband Darrell is run by two dogs and two cats.

When she’s not working, Lori spends her time – and special talent – with yet more animals.  As she explains:

“I have been involved with animal rescue for about 10 years… everything from fostering to adopting to volunteering at the shelters.  I have been a professional photographer for 14 years and have come to realize it’s so important for homeless pets to have a good photograph, it’s often what will prompt potential families to go and meet them. This past year I have been offering my services pro bono for the LA shelters. It’s made such a difference.”


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Chillaxin’ at home with Sunny and Gabby
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Lori holding camera - credit NBC

Lori shows NBC how it’s done!
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Lori at the beach with her canine family (c) 2013 Darrell Fusaro. All Rights Reserved.
Lori at the beach with her canine family
(c) 2013 Darrell Fusaro. All Rights Reserved.


Shady - adopt me ad

Sunny – June 10, 2012
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How it all began…

“While at the shelter I have seen hundreds of old dogs discarded…many times after living with a family their entire lives. It just breaks my heart. One dog, Sunny,  touched me so much. She was 16 years old. She had cancer, infected eyes and was so depressed she looked to be on death’s door. I couldn’t get her face out of my mind and so I adopted her. My intention was to give her a few good weeks filled with love and to be there with her when she passed away. That was a year ago!  She’s still alive and thriving. 🙂

Because of Sunny, I have been inspired to help other old dogs like her. That’s how I got the idea for Silver Hearts. I am making an art book of photographs featuring these wise old souls. My intention is to raise awareness and also inspire people to think about adopting a senior animal.”

fusaro book cover

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Sunny on beach

Sunny – June 12, 2013
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To date, Lori has worked with numerous rescues and animal organizations, including: • BAD RAP • Idaho Humane Society • Karma Rescue • Born Again Pit Bull Rescue • HeARTs Speak • The Unexpected Pit Bull • Wings Of Rescue • Angel City Pit Bulls • k9 connection • Guide Dogs For The Blind • Molly’s Mutt’s and Meows • Pin Ups For Pups • Los Angeles Animal Services • Rock and Rescue • S.T.A.R.T.


Watch Lori’s YouTube Video “Why Do You Focus on Old Dogs?”


Stories of Older Animal Adoption

This exhibit grew out of a chance introduction when Justin Jampol, the founder and creative force behind L.A.’s Wende Museum, e-introduced Lori to our Executive Director.  Turns out the two both had soft spots for senior animals. After viewing Lori’s YouTube video, and a chat at a nearby coffee shop, an exhibit concept was born.



(c) 2013 Fusaro Photography. All Rights Reserved.


(c) 2013 Animal History Museum. Photo reprinted with permission. All Rights Reserved.


 Lori graciously loaned the Animal History Museum a series of images featuring Sunny and other seniors.  Those images became the basis for our June Facebook contest, and ultimately, the crowd-sourced collection of heartwarming photos and memories that comprise this exhibit.





Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Lori’s June 2012 blog post about her decision to adopt Sunny was starting to get a lot of attention.  A LOT of attention.  As it made its way around the internet, picked up the story (including the slideshow below)…


Image: Stella the dog

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…then picked it up and suddenly Lori and Sunny were VIRAL!

NBC Nighty News did this feature:

photo of Malaysian article


Other media outlets followed suit…. and print coverage of the Silver Hearts story ran as far away as Malaysia!



Like everyone else, we found Lori’s work inspirational.  We’re delighted to be able to share her story here, and to be curating this wider exhibit showcasing how individuals across the U.S. every day make the quiet decision to give just one senior animal a second chance.








Fusaro Photography


(c) 2013 Fusaro Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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To  learn more about Lori’s work, or inquire about commissioning Lori to immortalize your four-legged family members, please visit Fusaro Photography.


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