There are lots of ways you can help the Animal History Museum grow!


Do you have any photos you’d like to share?  We’re looking for images that we can use on our website and to help illustrate our exhibits.   Maybe a particularly good photo that shows the bond between you and your companion, or a photo that you took at what is now an historically significant animal-related event?  We’d love to have it!  You can check out our permanent exhibitions webpage to get an idea of what we’re planning, but even if your picture doesn’t match what we’re currently planning, it still might come in handy for a future exhibit or event.

Just fill out this one-page Release form and then either return it with a digital copy of your picture to, or send it by mail.  We recommend sending all mailed materials via a tracking method if possible.  *Please note that all submissions become the property of the Animal History Museum.*


Do you have any memorabilia or other objects you’d like to share?  We’re looking for objects that we can display to help illustrate our exhibits.   Have an old poster from an animal-related art exhibit or advocacy event?  Maybe a completely kitschy doggie sweater that your canine won’t wear but you can’t bear to throw away?  We’d love to have it!

Just fill out this Release and return it with your objects by mail.  We recommend using a tracking method if possible. *Please note that all submissions become the property of the Animal History Museum.*

Sentimental Collections

Perhaps you have a whole archive of scholarly materials you’ve been squirreling away for years, never really even knowing why you let it take up so much space in your office cabinets or what to do with it?  Maybe you’ve been saving programs from every conference you’ve ever been to even though your significant other shudders every time anyone needs to get something out of that drawer?  Well, your memories may be able to find a good home here!

Please email us at and let us know what you have and how big it is before you send anything.  If it’s something we can use, we’ll let you know.   You can get that warm, fuzzy feeling one gets from helping a charity… and cleaning out your closet!

Appraisable Collections to Loan

Have a collection of animal-related art, jewelry or other valuables that you want to pass along to your grandchildren someday but is gathering dust right now?   Please considering loaning it to the Animal History Museum – it could make a fabulous temporary special exhibit!

Donors will have the option to receive a name credit and even a background biography on you and your collection!

We will be happy to work with you in terms of the length of the loan, what time of year (ie: perhaps to coincide with a trip you were planning to L.A. anyway), transport for the collection, insurance and any other concerns you may have.  Email us at and let’s talk.

Time and Skills

Anybody out there who doesn’t feel intimidated by WordPress?  The executive director would like to meet you!

If you have graphic skills, or better still, own graphics equipment, you might be able to help us physically construct our exhibits.  Likewise, if you live in the L.A. area and have carpentry, HVAC, plumbing or other contracting skills, you might be able to help us physically build out our space (hopefully late 2015).

We will work around your regular schedule and don’t forget – donating materials also may qualify you for a tax deduction during the next tax season!  Email us at for more information.

 Sizable Donations

If you interesting in donating animal-related fine art, jewelry or other items suitable for a museum display, please let us know.  Likewise if you would like to donate a car, boat or other valuable item.  These types of items may not be directly animal-related, but the funds from them are instrumental in helping us reach our goals.  Most of the folks developing the museum at this point are actively licensed attorneys around the U.S., including a tax attorney with significant experience dealing with the IRS.  Email us at and we will be happy to work with you and/or your representative(s) to make sure your gifts are transacted as smoothly as possible for you with the greatest benefit as possible for the museum.

*Thank you everyone in advance for your support!  No gift is too large or small.  Your input and donations during these first few years will help set the standard for what an animal-focused museum can and should be for generations to come!*

~ Board of Trustees, Animal History Museum