The birth of Internet radio and podcasting has hit the animal world by storm. Hosts broadcast important, current information that affects animals and make listeners aware of often controversial issues or problems in the pet community. These programs can be a great way to raise awareness and rally the troops to support a cause. These radio programs can also be a great source of entertainment! Programs are sometimes lighthearted and hilarious and sometimes tackle serious issues. Content is updated regularly, so please check back for the latest!


Animal Radio


Animal Radio® is a nationally syndicated radio show hosted by Hal Abrams and Judy Francis. It is America’s “most-listened-to” pet show, with over 350,000 pet lovers tuning in weekly.

The Animal Radio® family includes dog trainer Alan Kabel, veterinarian Dr. Debbie, news director Stacey Cohen, groomer Joey Villani, animal communicator Joy Turner and travel reporter Susan Sims, among others. Frequent guest hosts include the likes of Jenna Fischer (The Office), Glenn Close, and Cesar Millan. 

Through education and awareness, Animal Radio® strives to help animals live healthy, happier lives.

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©2015 Animal Radio.



Animals Today Radio With Dr. Lori Kirshner


Animals Today tackles the important issues concerning all animals, how they are treated by people, and their place in society. The show promotes greater respect or and kindness toward all living creatures, from wild animals to pets to livestock animals.

As host of Animals Today, Dr. Kirshner brings to the radio waves and internet a vibrant and thought-provoking show featuring nationally and internationally renowned guests discussing and exploring all aspects of animals and their role in modern society. Dr. Kirshner interviews authors, activists and advocates, filmmakers, celebrities, politicians and government figures, rescuers, rehabilitators, vegans, educators, lawyers, trainers, naturalists, journalists, ecologists, philosophers–anyone who has something newsworthy to share about the welfare of animals.

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Pet Life Radio

SignatureBlueOrangeCreated by award-winning producer Mark Winter and his son, Adam Winter, Pet Life Radio features over sixty weekly pet-related talk shows hosted by the most well-known pet experts, authors, and radio and TV personalities in the world of animals and pets! With over six million monthly on-demand listeners, Pet Life Radio has hosted celebrity guests like Jennifer Aniston, Betty White, Ryan O’Neal, Paris Hilton, Hilary Swank, and more. Pet Life Radio won the prestigious 2012 Genesis Award and is the Official Radio Network of the American Humane Association. Pet Life Radio has millions of pet-loving listeners worldwide!

Pet Life Radio is available on-demand, on iTunes, and over thirty podcast distributors. On the cutting edge of technology, their 24/7 live radio stream is broadcast globally to over 100 million subscribers.

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Pet World Insider 

photoPet World Insider is a program filled with inside information about the pet world, which is incredibly large and diverse, filled with many hidden treasures. Pet World Insider wants to shine a bright light on all the things that pet lovers need and want to know about. The host of Pet World Insider is Robert Semrow, the world renowned pet photographer.

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© 2015 Robert Semrow.




Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio

e42bdf22-5d6a-49d5-9290-8128b784840f_pblnradioThe Pit Bull Bulletin Legal News Radio reports on all issues of interest regarding Breed Discriminatory Legislation (“BDL”) including law, science, and statistics. The site that the radio program is a part of  is run by Fred M. Kray, a trial attorney who specializes in defending allegedly dangerous dogs and fighting BDL. He has been a practicing trial attorney for over thirty years.

The site includes information about court pleadings, depositions, core scientific studies, bite statistics, and the evolution of canine DNA, and daily news is reported.

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© 2015 Fred Kray.



Talk 2 the Animals 


Join host, animal communicator, and advocate Janet Roper as she gives a unique voice to the relationship between animals and humans through “Talk2theAnimals Radio.” Each week you hear VIP guests from the world of animals and animal communication. The Talk2theAnimalsRadio Experts share their expertise on cats, dog training and using your intuition as a pet parent. Janet shares tips and suggestions that inspire you to become more aware of your unique relationship with all animals and your potential to connect with them on a deeper level through animal communication.

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© 2015 Janet Roper.



Vegas Rock Dog Radio 


Hosted by Stacy the “Doxie Diva” and Sam Ratcliffe of Vegas Rock Dog, “The Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dog Show” on Vegas Rock Dog Radio is a show about all things dog. Topics include health and wellness, training, responsible pet ownership, current news, rescued pets, pet events, and special guests. They want to “educate, entertain, and save the world, one pet at a time.”

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